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Helpful tips to keep your carpets and rugs clean in a metro city

Helpful tips to keep your carpets and rugs clean in a metro city

Carpets and Rugs:

Carpets and rugs are style statements of the home. They add immensely to the interior. The fuss happens when they need to be cleaned and maintained. To have them sparkling as good as new, might take a lot of effort. Here are a few tips which will evade the fuss, and you will have sparkling spaces with carpets and rugs.

1. Tips to keep your carpets and rugs clean:

  • Even though carpets are huge, it is advised to shake them once in a while. Roll up the rug and clean it outside in open space. It will remove debris and dust from the carpet.
  • Keep weekly vacuuming for the carpets. Depending upon its fabric, one can choose 7-15 days for vacuuming. It keeps carpets and rugs fiber healthy and shines intact for long.
  • When one has to clean a stain from the carpet, make sure that you do not rub too hard, it might damage the fiber for worse. Always dab the area above the carpet and below with a tissue first.
  • Carpets are subjected to foot traffic. It is essential to clean them thoroughly with water and soap once annually. Once they are clean, make sure they get ample sun to dry. Drying the carpet is essential and the sun helps in restoring the freshness and shine.

2. Tips for quality maintenance:

  • It is essential to have quality padding in the carpets to keep them without much hassle. Quality padding is an indicator of good carpet life.
  • Keep on rotating the carpets and rugs from one position to another. It helps in maintaining the cushion and padding for the long term.
  • Consider changing the position of furniture. If the furniture is kept on the rug, periodic change in places will help the carpet restore its fiber and shine.
  • In case of pets in the house, avoid large threaded carpets and comb off the carpet often.

3. Tips for choosing carpet cleaning professionals:

  • Always refer to the directives which came along with the carpets when you bought them. Professionals help to restore the carpet as the new.
  • The massive workstation of the professionals give more comprehensive coverage and ease the process. Different carpets and fiber are cleaned in a customized manner.
  • Look for steam cleaning services. Steam cleaning a carpet gives a wholesome coverage to the fiber, padding and bring backs the freshness.
  • Thoroughly enquire about the equipment and tools the service provider would be using for the cleaning. Even if the carpet is enormous, the solution is the professional cleaners.

These tips will help you maintain your carpets and rugs for a long time and as good as new. Living in a metro city and having sparkling carpets are made easy for you. The tips mentioned above can be used in the supplement to the household hacks as well. The fiber of the carpet is essential. All the tips should be complemented to the texture of the carpet.

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