Architects and Interior Designers

Architects and Interior Designers
The Last Miler to Architects and Interior Designers in Hyderabad

Why Architects and Interior Designers find us indispensable?

Style connoisseurs like you attach huge premium to the choices you make. And rightfully so, because it is these choices that add an aura of uniqueness to you. You like a subtle subtlety to everything, specifically homes.

Darpan Furnishings is a multi-brand, multi-store, one-stop-shop for fine furnishing. Offering everything from Turkish fabrics to mattresses to carpets to crockery to handmade artefacts, Darpan is a well-equipped one-stop-shop best suited for homes looking for subdued elegance. For dream-home-enablers like you, it is a haven for décor and furnishings.

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The Preferred Last Miler For Dream Home Enablers

Furnishing is the last mile in realizing dream homes. We help architects & interior designers run this last-but-crucial mile with ease & confidence. We’re Darpan Furnishings aka THE LAST MILER. We have been THE LAST MILER to most Architects & Interior Designers in and around Hyderabad. We can be yours too. From pre-project to post-project, we work in line with your vision. Every little detail is catered to, precisely the way you want. However grand your plan, however contemporary your requirement, however quick your timeline…we’re ready to assist endeavours of the dream-home-enablers like you.

Interior Designer Ms. Sona Chatwani testimonial video about Darpan Furnishings Jubilee Hills Store

Architect Mr. Nanda Kumar testimonial video about Darpan Furnishings Jubilee Hills Store

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