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Explore the sublime artistry of a designer who’s also a poet. Asian Paints is proud to collaborate with Sabyasachi to bring you extraordinary wall coverings on luxurious textured paper in a palette of vintage colourways. A special selection of colourways offers an added layer of splendour through shimmering mica paper. Create unforgettable interiors with artworks lovingly handcrafted by the artists of the Sabyasachi Art Foundation.

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Sabyasachi For Nilaya

A behind-the-scenes look at what went into creating the Heartland collection, with Sabyasachi himself.
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Jaipur Gemini Jade – Wallpaper of the Year 2021

The exquisite and timeless Jaipur Gemini is meant to remind us in 2021 that life is precious and every moment is a chance to celebrate it. So slow down and breathe in the beauty around you.

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Sabyasachi Collections



Calmness of the neutral palette for your drapes, blinds & upholstered furniture - The Soofah collection will transport you to a peaceful state of mind. Rich Linen Embroideries, Delicate Sheers, Silk, Wool Silk Jacquards and many more.

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Marrying the versatility of pure linen with a plethora of weaves , Thar is an earthy artful range that’s easy on your eyes and the heart –to make your home magically comforting across drapery and upholstery.

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An amalgamation of the most coveted velvets paired with jacquards & silks, certain to transform your home into an epitome of elegance –presenting The Makhmal collection – the gem of the Sabyasachi collection.

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Minimal yet enchanting - The Chowk Collection puts together curated plains and two varieties of Checks in colour stories - to adorn your drapes, blinds & upholstered furniture.

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Hazaribagh Linen

Extending the exquisite wallpaper motifs of the Sabyasachi Heartland range on two varieties of Linen – Hazaribagh Linen is a collection of prints on linen to adorn your drapes, blinds & upholstered furniture.

image 5

Hazaribagh Velvet

Adapting select Wallpaper Motifs from the Sabyasachi Heartland range to premium velvets – Hazaribagh Velvet is a basket of intricate prints on Velvet, exploring a variety of color & design themes.


A vivid journey that carries us from the ateliers of Vrindavan to the master painters of Murshidabad, the delicate prints of the Coromandel textiles to the magnificent art and architecture of India’s palaces.
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Conjured from elements as diverse as the Pichwai tradition & Sanganeri tent art.

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In sweet & eloquent fresco shades, each pattern is like a moment in time.

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Patterns of intricate ornamentation, in delicate vintage shades & the feel of antique textiles.

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