Home Décor and Curtain Shop in Hyderabad

Home Décor and Curtain Shop in Hyderabad

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Let Your Home Reflect Just One Thing: You

Ask someone ‘where do you love to hang out the most?’, and pat comes the reply ‘home’. Although time-at-home has dwindled, nothing beats the charm of one’s home. And you will agree that there is a style to every home. We are known for our expertise in weaving a unique style statement to every home. And we take pride in styling over 1, 00, 000 homes across South India! We’re Darpan Furnishings, the home stylists since 2001.

True to our name, we have let many homes reflect the persona of the people residing in them.

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We style homes and commercial spaces in such a way that the inhabitants revel in good mood, every day! And we do it by combining three of our services as listed below:

Darpan Stores are the ‘go to’ place for choicest curtain fabrics, sofa fabrics wallpapers, blinds, wall decor, floorings, and other accessories…in vast range of hues and patterns. Darpan enjoys a 17+ year legacy in embellishing homes with fine home furnishing.

At Darpan, what works out well is the coming together of many elements. The unique approach to styling, wide product range, elaborate shopping spaces, custom design services, customer loyalty programmes, technology-enabled purchase… all make buying at Darpan an experience in itself.

Next time, your home needs a mood makeover, you know where to go, right?

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