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NRI Homes


We have some great news for you. In fact, something great for your home. You can now fly back with more than just memories of a good vacation. You can now fly back with décor solutions that will make your home stunning! After all, you will have access to the finest home décor. And YES, you will get them all without losing five-figure $ amounts for it.

We are Darpan Furnishings, a one-stop-shop for home furnishing with a 19-year legacy of styling over lakh homes across South India. Addressing NRI home décor needs is a strategic priority at Darpan. You or your NRI friends can now benefit from Darpan’s exclusive services for NRIs.

Curtain Styling for NRI Homes.

Flyback with decor ideas to make your home stunning.


Curtain Styling For NRI Homes...

the easy,participative & reliable way!

NRI or NRI 'near' & 'dear'? And looking for some choicest curtains?

Well, here's a quick walkthrough of Darpan Furnishings' 10 easy steps to help you get the right curtain fabric for your home.

  • NRI
    NRI Styling

    Connect with the designer

    A Design Consultant from Darpan will connect with you via WhatsApp to better understand your requirements.

  • NRI
    NRI Styling

    Share pictures

    Share images of windows and other places of your home that require the magic of curtains.

  • NRI Styling
    NRI Styling

    Get fabric references

    Based on the discussions and the images shared, our Designer will recommend the fabric to go with

  • NRI Styling
    NRI Styling

    Get the measurements right

    Our design consultant will guide you virtually to get the measurements right.

  • NRI Styling
    NRI Styling

    Get styling advisory

    The Design Consultant will suggest stitching patterns for your to choose.

  • NRI Styling
    NRI Styling

    Get the quote

    A Formal quote is e-mailed and shared via WhatsApp.

  • NRI Styling
    NRI Styling

    Make the payment

    70% of the agreed quote has to be paid in person in India at our store.

  • NRI Styling
    NRI Styling

    Products are sourced

    Fabric is ordered, received and later stitched as per the designs shared with you.

  • NRI Styling
    NRI Styling

    Readying for delivery

    After stitching, the curtains are carefully boxed and readied to be delivered to your local representative.

  • NRI Styling
    NRI Styling

    Handover & billing completion

    Per the address shared, products are handed-over and balance payment is collected.

Happy with our work?

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  • Wide product range

    Wide product range

    With access to 250+ choicest home décor brands, you’ll have little chance to compromise.

  • Decor-on-Demand


    Sift through catalogues to check out more designs than what you can see in racks. In short, bid goodbye to ready stock and get décor-on-demand.

  • Custom Design

    Custom Design

    Our FREE Custom Design services help you style your home the way you want.

  • Design Advisory

    Design Advisory

    Walk-in with all the ideas you have for your home. Our Expert Designer will pitch in with advice and recommendation.

  • More than just good packaging

    More than just good packaging

    Our focus is on what goes inside the package than the mere ease while flying back. And hence high-quality home décor.

  • Timely Turnaround

    Timely Turnaround

    We know you hate delays. And we hate setting false expectations. That said, we adhere to the timeline we promise.

  • Easy-to-Carry Packaging

    Easy-to-Carry Packaging

    The last thing NRIs want is baggage woes. And so our easy-to-carry packaging ensures that everything you shop accompanies you the hassle-free way.

  • Reliable Shipping

    Reliable Shipping

    In case, you want the goods to be shipped, we will ship to any part of the world. Typically, the lead-time is 3 to 6 weeks depending on the quantity and mode of shipping (by sea or air).

  • Post Purchase Assistance

    Post Purchase Assistance

    Our Service go beyond just delivering a package. You may call us anytime for help on installation, exchange etc.

Customer Care

India Phone Number +91 88863 45662

Addressing NRI Home Decor needs is a strategic priority at Darpan Furnishings...

But before we could address, we spent some time in understanding the current experience. Darpan delved into NRI buying behavior across the twin cities (Hyderabad-Secunderabad). The study yielded startling observations, some of which are highlighted below:

It is surprising that almost all NRIs choosing home decor in Hyderabad let their homes look same-to-same!

May be because NRIs haven’t yet explored other places to shop for home decor. And by this, NRIs are risking their homes with the sameness syndrome. Point is, NRIs should be able to get what they’re looking for and not choose from they are shown. Tip: Visit experts in Home Styling and not just fabric sellers.

It is surprising that almost all NRIs choosing home decor in Hyderabad fall for ready stock!

May be because it is tempting for NRIs to pick something that’s easily available & time-saving. But by choosing what’s on racks, NRIs are actually limiting their choices. And in a way, NRIs are compromising on the ‘look’ & ‘feel’ that they have been yearning for. Tip: Go beyond ready stock.

It is surprising that almost all NRIs choosing home decor in Hyderabad rate packaging more than what is inside!

There’s no denying that great packaging lessens baggage worries. If it’s easy-to-carry, it should do. NRIs would be better off to know that importance attached to packaging shouldn’t outweigh the quality of decor that adorns home for a long time.

To see how NRIs can make better decor choice, check NRI Delight section

NRI Faq's

  • What can I do with Darpan Furnishings?

    It is here that beautiful interiors are tastefully curated with stylish spaces that reflect the unique lifestyle of its owners. Renowned for its vibrant and elegant style, Darpan has been at the forefront of furnishing industry in terms of bringing in latest trends and creating creative solutions.

    Here you can leverage the one-stop, multi-brand shop for the choicest Soft Furnishings.

  • Why choose Darpan?

    Here’s your biggest takeaway - in over 15 years, we amassed great understanding of how to style spaces so that people revel in good mood all the time. Our history shows that we successfully leveraged in weaving magic into spaces that are often overlooked. Resulting in: stunning offices, hospitals, hotels and one Lakh homes in Hyderabad.

  • What does End2End Home Styling mean?

    In a nutshell, if you opt for this feature we will conceptually amplify the look and feel of your entire home. Every room can have its unique theme or the entire home can have a signature look. Our professional Décor executives will understand your choices and guide you to create the ultimate look for your space. We will dress your address fashionably.

  • How many Choices do I have?

    You have a plethora of choices when you visit Darpan. Ranging from the trendiest soft furnishing designs to the all-time favorites, you will find it all here. This is a one-stop, multi-brand shop for the choicest curtain fabrics, sofa fabrics, wallpapers, blinds, paintings, floorings, clocks, artifacts…across different hues and patterns. For all these products, you can choose from 150 + national & international brands.

  • How often do I need to Change Décor?

    Just like you change your wardrobe to match the season or a festival, you can easily change the way your home looks.

    At Darpan you have access to the latest Collection of fabrics that are set to visually incorporate a festival/seasonal glow whilst adding warmth and life to every room. For example for the Marriage Season - The curtains would reveal a celebratory charm! Sofa fabrics will resonate the special colors that reverberate the lovely mood. Now is time for the flooring, for a contemporary setting you might choose from the wonderful wooden flooring options. Or for a more traditional setting, you might select crafty carpets to create an astonishing ambiance. Similarly, elegant Crockery, matching Artefacts and revitalizing bed and bath choices are available to accentuate homes beauty quotient.

NRI Delight



You can now fly back with decor solutions that will make your home stunning! After all, you will have access to the finest home decor. And YES, you will get them all without losing five-figure dollar amounts for it! We are Darpan Furnishings, a one-stop-shop for home furnishing with a 15-year legacy of styling over a lakh homes across South India. You or your NRI friends can now benefit from Darpan’s NRI DELIGHT, exclusive services for NRIs

Highlights of Darpan’s NRI Delight…
  • Access 250+ curtain styles across 10,000 designs
  • Benefit from FREE curtain styling advisory by qualified interior designers
  • Eliminate baggage woes with Easy-to-Carry Packaging
  • Avail Shipping services to any part of the world
  • Make the most of Post Purchase Assistance (installation, exchange etc.)


Darpan Stores are the 'go to' place for choicest curtain fabrics, sofa fabrics wallpapers, blinds, wall decor, floorings, and other vast range of hues and patterns. Top

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