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Corporate Decor
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The Corporate Décor stylists

You will be happy to know that we have styled over 100,000 homes across South India! And are the preferredone-stop-shop for everything, right from curtains to clocks to cushions to blinds and more.

But here’s your biggest takeaway – in over 20 years, we amassed greatunderstanding on how to style spaces so that people revel in good mood. Something that we successfullyleveraged in weaving magic to spaces that are often overlooked. And the result: stunning offices, hospitals, hotels and institutions.

The US Consulate, Taj Banjara, Maulana Azad National Urdu University in Hyderabad are some of the places that we furnished with fine décor.

We are cognizant that you’re an organization that attaches great premium to quality supplies, specifically with regard to furnishing. Precisely where we can help you in more than one way. 

Unique Insignia

We can help your entity own a signature ‘look’ & ‘feel’. Something that appeals to all the key stakeholders. It is this signature ‘look’ & ‘feel’ that will go a long way in quietly casting memorable experiences.
With Darpan Furnishings, you can…
  • Leverage the one-stop, multi-brand shop for the choicest curtain fabrics, sofa fabrics, wall papers, blinds, paintings, floorings, clocks, artefacts…across different hues and patterns.

  • Style-up-whole-story of any room with reliable re-upholstering enabled by our best-in-class collection of sofa fabrics.

  • Unveil a world of newness with 250+ curtain styles across 10000 designs.

  • Get bed linen of with thread count you desire

  • Choose from 150+ national & international brands spanning curtains to cushions to mattresses to clocks.

  • Get the look and feel you desire

  • Avail our services across South India (will extend pan India soon)

Should you wish to have signature look & feel for your hotel,office, hospital or institution…we would like to meet you in person and discuss.

Styling Solutions

It is the signature ‘look & feel’ that will go a long way in quietly casting memorable experiences.

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