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10 popular types of Carpets at Darpan Furnishings

10 popular types of Carpets at Darpan Furnishings


Carpets enhance the look of home flooring, at Darpan Furnishings; you will find a huge range of carpets across 500+ designs.

Acrylic carpets

Types of Carpets:

Here is a list of different types of carpets available at Darpan Furnishings

  1. Pure wool carpet
  2. Fur-carpet
  3. Non-fur carpet
  4. Acrylic carpet
  5. Rabbit fur carpet
  6. Dog fur carpet
  7. Leather carpet
  8. Woven carpet
  9. Knotted carpet
  10. Tufted carpet

Popular materials in Carpets:

  1. Wool
  2. Nylon
  3. Polyester
  4. Polypropylene
  5. Acrylic

Fur carpets

It is very important for you to understand which carpet needs to be placed in which room of your house. Carpets have unique features like color, style, and texture that makes it suitable for the particular location of your house and use like a Living room, Bedroom, Dining room, and Kitchen carpets., it is not that you can use a bathroom carpet in the living room and a bedroom carpet in the kitchen area.

  • Living room carpet to enhance the look of the first room in your house
  • Bedroom carpet to give a romantic feel to the most beautiful room in your house
  • Kitchen carpet to make your kitchen glow
  • Bathroom carpet to keep you protected from slipping and wetting the floors of all the rooms
  • Dining room carpet to keep your guests attracted to the dining area of the house

If you want to buy carpets and don’t know which carpet is meant for which room in the house, visit your nearby Darpan Furnishings stores. There are experts who let you know which carpet would look good in which room of the house.

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