Pamper your home with choicest curtains to choose from 250+ curtains styles across 10,000 designs. And let the good things hold onto the best with high-quality aesthetic curtain rods.

Popular patterns in Curtains
Box Pleated Curtains, Rod Pocket Curtains, Pinch Pleated Curtains, Eyelet Curtains, Tailored Pleat Curtains, Goblet Pleat Curtains, Tab Top Curtains, Sheer Curtains, Pelmets and Valances, Hanging Curtains, Semi-Opaque Curtain, Blackout Curtains, Puff Curtains

Types of Curtains
Panel Pair, Single Panel, Window Treatment Set, Valance, Window Scarf, Liner

Popular materials in Curtains
Cotton, Linen, Velvet, Silk, Lace, Burlap, Synthetic

Uses of Curtain
Windows Curtains, Doors Curtains, Theater Drapes, Stage Curtains, Front Curtains, Safety Curtains

Visit your nearest Darpan showroom to choose from 250+ curtain styles across 10,000 designs to style your home curtains.

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Design Advisor

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Free Installation

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Wide Product Range


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