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Mock-up! The reason why you should visit Secunderabad Store

Have you ever faced a sudden situation that needs a whole house full of furniture? If yes; this blog post is for you.

How much are you going to understand about the product by seeing it in the gallery of a store?

Watching the product in stores is different and arranging it in your home appeals differently. When you have a doubt about purchasing product whether it fits or suits your home, don’t visualize, just visit our store and lively experience the furnishings arrangement in a house oriented setup. It is good to see and experience the product for real is always better, instead of seeing it in the store. In this post you will learn about our new furnishings store at Secunderabad and its specialties; Mock-up.

Mock-up defined as an arrangement of products, pictures, or anything. At our Secunderabad store, you will see furnishings mock-up. Below you can see the furnishing mock-up images

1. Master bedroom mock-up:

In below images, you can see two amazing master bedrooms. The first bedroom has a white and blue combination master bed, Kids bed, floral sofa, artifacts, paintings etc. The second bedroom contains a master bed, Sofa, curtains, and a beautiful wallpaper.

Master bed room mock-up at Darpan Furnishings Secunderabad store                          Master bed room Mock-up at Darpan Furnishings Secunderabad store

2. Bedding set mock-up:

In below images, you can see bedding sets mock-up. The mock-ups has a simple an Iron bed with mattress decorated with a lavish mixed white, grey, and black colored bedding set, besides the bed there is a mannequin, flower vase, artefacts on a carpet. And the right mock-up setup at bedding sets collection contains dark blue bedding set and white colored pillows, clock, artefacts on bed & carpet, a wall decor on behind top of the bed.

Bedding set mock-up at Darpan Furnishings Secunderabad Store                          Bedding set mock-up at Darpan Furnishings Secunderabad Store

3. Living room mock-up:

In below image, you can see the amazingly decorated living room with sofa fabrics, Curtains, Flower vase, Artefacts, Carpet, Cushions, Table with linen cloth on it.
Living room and Sofa set Mock-up at Darpan Furnishings Secunderabad store

4. Bath section mock-up:

Here you can see a mannequin in a bathing suit which placed in a contemporarily decorated bathroom with amazing wall decor paper and a floral curtain.

Bath Section Mock-up at Darpan Furnishings Secunderabad store

5. Wall decor, Artificial turf mock-up:

Here you can see beautiful wallpaper which portrays an amazing view of the see with fully surrounded by plants touching the sky from a balcony which flourished with artificial turf.

Wall decor and Artificial Turf Mock-up at Darpan Furnishings Secunderabad store

Secunderabad store highlights:

The store is spread over 15000 Square feet, and well equipped with all the home furnishings products including Carpets, Crockery, Curtains, Sofa fabrics, Mattress, Bedding Sets, Comforters, Doormats, Duvets, Wallpapers, Paintings, Artefacts, Blinds, Cushions, Pillows, Glassware, Premium Clocks, Wooden flooring, Artificial turf etc.. from 35+ international & 25+ national brands.

All set to visit the Secunderabad store today! Check our details below

Address: 1-7-241/8, 9 & 10, Beside Westside, SD Road, Secunderabad-500003. Location link:

For any queries; feel free to contact us at: +91- 040-27899152, 27899151, +91-8886634593.



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