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5 Types of Sofa Fabrics That are Suitable for Indian Homes

5 Types of Sofa Fabrics That are Suitable for Indian Homes

The best example of craftsmanship is THAT sofa in your home. The new trend of ‘Netflix and chill’ does bring a sofa along, while just talking about it. Curling up with your favorite book or relaxing with homies…SOFA is necessary.

Not just the quality, embossing, tufting, piping, gimp, nailhead trims, and solid wood structure are essential for a perfect sofa fabric choice but to understand the types of sofa fabrics which suit best the Indian homes should always be a prime concern.

You may have many questions to ask before buying sofa fabrics, we will assist you in making a smart choice for your dream SOFA.

Types of Sofa Fabrics That Suits Indian Homes:

1. Cotton Sofa Fabric:

Cotton fabric for sofas is well suited due to its texture, strength, and resistance to soiling and wrinkling. These are breathable, comfortable, budget-friendly, and one of the best types of sofa fabrics for Indian households.

These sofa fabrics stay cool during the hot Indian months, resistant to wear and tear, fading, and pilling. But this fabric stains easily. This sofa fabric needs to be upholstered tightly on sofas as cotton also tends to crease.

At Darpan Furnishings, you can find cotton, silk, satin, leather, and all popular material sofa fabrics. Check out our Sofa fabric collection.

2. Linen Sofa Fabric:

Most earthy and charming textile as a sofa fabric is linen. It has extremely strong natural fiber. With a smooth, soft, and naturally lustrous fabric it has excellent durability and natural resistance to moths, pilling, and abrasion.

It is one of the breathable and classic for Indian household sofas. One should keep in mind that it is less resistant to stains and fading.

The Indian sunlight tends to weaken its fibers and it undergoes a fair amount of shrinkage after washing.

Good-quality linen is naturally anti-microbial and is resistant to mildew. Also, it doesn’t allow dust to settle down easily or get embedded in its surface making it an effective sofa fabric.

3. Silk Sofa Fabric:

Silk is considered as a soft and luxurious sofa fabric, which is any household’s dream. It suits the formal settings.

Its smooth surface doesn’t allow the dust to settle in and its shimmery appearance and smoothness are very attractive. But this material has low elasticity and tends to weaken in sunlight.

It is also not stain-resistant and can even retain watermarks. So, one has to take special care if they opt for silk as sofa fabric. Also, it is advisable to seek professional help in cleaning.

At Darpan Furnishings, you can find 1200 styles and designer sofa fabrics and select according to your needs and choice.

Wide variety of sofa fabrics design patterns in Hyderabad at Darpan Furnishings

4. Velvet Sofa Fabric:

Velvet is a luxurious sofa fabric. It is known for its comfort, texture, and rich color.  Velvet can put up for heavy usage and is an attractive choice for sofas of Indian homes, has a natural glamorous quality.

It cleans best when a spill or stain is attended immediately. Velvet is although found difficult to be maintained as it wrinkles easily and also gets permanently stained.

It attracts dust and hair, making it less suitable for homes that have active little children or pets.

5. Leather Sofa Fabric:

Leather has a charisma of its own. To have a leather sofa in another level game on! Its rich appearance adds up the sophistication and style quotient.

It is pure, high-quality leather that lasts longer and doesn’t fray. The strains are easily cleaned by a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth, without causing any discoloration.

These prime choices for the Indian household types of sofa fabrics will serve you the best result in the Indian ecosystem.

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