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Your One-stop-shop for Comfortable Mattresses | Darpan Furnishings Secunderabad

Your One-stop-shop for Comfortable Mattresses | Darpan Furnishings Secunderabad

Buying a mattress and buying the right one are two different things. No matter what a sales executive tells you about their softness, thickness, and size, the choice ultimately rests with you as when it comes to comfort, personal choice is crucial.

For those who want to invest time in choosing the right mattress, Darpan Furnishings at Secunderabad is one store that will address all your queries and help you pick the right one.

Mattress Section at Darpan Furnishings Secunderabad:

Mattress section at Darpan Furnishings Secunderabad store

Mattresses are the specific product of Darpan Furnishings that comes at the tip of the tongue of all of our customers.

Spread across 15000 sqft, the store’s exclusive mattress experience centre houses 28 variant of mattresses across popular brands in the country.

Mattress Brands at Darpan Furnishings:

When you visit to any other offline furnishing stores, you don’t get to choose the best brand from the brands you see right in front of your eyes. You only get to choose from four to five brands.

Darpan Furnishings understands how it is important for you to have a better sleep quality. After all, your entire day depends upon how you have slept at night.

We have bought together the best brands under one roof. You would find some of the most exquisite collections of mattresses.

The exclusive “mattresses experience centre” houses popular brands such as Kurlon, King Koil, Springwel, mm Foam, Centuary, Finesse, Eclipse, Springfit, Magniflex, Hush, Duroflex, Peps and more.

Architect Ms. Kavita speech about Darpan Secunderabad store Mattress section:

“The mattresses in the store are kept in such a way that they can be pulled and laid out easily like a bed where you can actually lie down feel its comfort. I think that’s a very unique feature which I have not seen anywhere else,” said Architect Ms. Kavita Daryani Rao, during the launch of the store.

So, now you know where to head for all mattress related queries right. If you want to improve your sleep quality, visit Darpan Furnishings Secunderabad store today and buy comfortable mattresses.


Darpan Furnishings Secunderabad:
1-7-241/8, 9 & 10, Beside westside, SD Road, Hyderabad.
Phone: 040-27899152, 040- 27899151, Mobile: +91-8886634593



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