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Add a touch of modernity to your home interiors… Exclusive blind section awaits you…

Add a touch of modernity to your home interiors… Exclusive blind section awaits you…


If you haven’t got blinds at your place, you are losing the most charming thing, ever. If you want to add a touch of modernity to the interiors of your house, you can always bring blinds for different rooms. These beauties are said to be the most modern way to moderate lighting through the windows of your house. If you want brighter lights inside your rooms, you need to open the blinds. If you want to dim the lights for the most perfect lights for a romantic lunch, you need to close the blinds. You can always adjust the blinds according to the lights you need in your rooms.

If you are looking for the best blinds for your home and office, you have got to check the awesome stuff at Darpan Furnishings. An exclusive blinds section waits for you at the Twin Cities’ biggest Soft furnishings store! The moment you step into this store and check the whole dedicated section, you fall in love with the place. No other store provides you with such a huge collection. You can choose all the things that you want from that one particular section.

But before you do that, it is very important for you to know about different types of blinds. How can you possibly buy the needed blinds, unless you know about the different kinds in the market? When you have a good amount of knowledge, you can pick up the best stuff for yourself.

Here is a list that’s going to tell you about the same:

1. Vertical blinds:

Consists of slats of stiffened plastic, fabric or metal that hands by one end from a track. These slats can be rotated to 90 degrees, giving you the utmost choice of light that you want in the room. Let’s not forget these look pretty!

2. Mini blinds:

Long, narrow slats are held by a string in this type of blinds. These are pretty things that make your room look beautiful than ever before.

3. Micro blinds:

This is like any other typical window blind created to give you the authority to choose the amount of brightness in your room.

4. Roller blinds:

This type of blinds is fitted on a roller. It is quite a unique type since not a lot of people use it.

5. Roman Blinds:

This type of blinds is made of fabric that appears as pleats. You can open them whenever you want and close it as well.

6. Wooden blinds:

This type of blinds uses wood to make the entire thing. If you are a wood lover, this is perhaps what you would want to buy from Darpan Furnishings. Remember that there are certain unique and uncommon blinds available at this store; these unique blinds are not easily found in any other store.

Sample Blinds

Why would I ever want to visit Darpan Furnishings at Secunderabad just for the sake of buying blinds?

Instead of giving a random answer, we are going to give you a long list of reasons that are going to compel you to visit this store for your blinds needs. Read the list below to learn about these reasons:

  • Darpan Furnishings is not a new name in the market; It has been in the industry since 2001. It is not that you are going to purchase blinds from a brand new retail store.
  • Darpan Furnishings has an excellent team of experts, who provide you with everything you need to know related to blinds: No matter what kind of a query you have in your mind, the experts here know how to handle them for you.
  • Darpan Furnishings has a complete section dedicated to blinds; you can choose whatever you want: No other store will let you see different blinds by dedicating a complete section to them; the concept of Darpan Furnishings is quite different from other stores.
  • Darpan Furnishings does not charge you a bomb for blinds: Just because you have a lesser budget does not mean you can’t buy and install blinds in your rooms.
  • No matter what kind of a window you have, Darpan Furnishings has the right kind of blinds for it: If you have a window at home, which you surely do, this store has the right blinds for you.
  • Your house gets a brand new look if you install blinds from Darpan Furnishings on the windows: Everybody wants to transform their home into something more beautiful; thanks to the vast collection of blinds at Darpan Furnishings, you can finally do something special with each of the rooms in your house.
  • The customer service of this store is excellent: If you are worried about how people are going to treat you here, you have no idea about how the team is trained here before it is sent on the floor to interact with the customers.
  • If you want the blinds to be home delivered and installed, you can ask the team to do so: If you don’t have people who can install the blinds on the windows of your house, you can always tell the team at Darpan Furnishings to do the job for you. The team comes to your house and does its job.
  • It is safe to purchase blinds from Darpan Furnishings: You are not going to buy something that’s duplicate or low in quality. You buy the blinds from a reputed store when you buy them from Darpan Furnishings: You don’t have to compromise by buying non-branded products. Since this name is a brand in itself, you can proudly let your friends and guests know where you have purchased the blinds from.

So don’t just sit there reading this; Request for the offer on Blinds at Darpan Furnishings, walk-in to your nearest Darpan Furnishings store today!



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