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Interesting facts about Curtain & Draperies

Curtains and Draperies:

Are the major options for dressing windows. Fabric, either gathered or hung in panels, adds softening elements to the interior and provides the opportunity to display pattern and color, either in contrast to other furnishings or coordinated with them.

Curtain style:

It is largely a function of the type of heading; in turn, the heading will determine the width of the curtain and how much fabric will be required.

Simple headings:

Include the rod pocket (where a rod is inserted inside the fabric pocket at the top of the curtain) and ties or tab tops that loop over a pole.

Gathered headings:

For which fabric is shirred by means of cord strip sewn on the reverse, are soft and pretty.

Pleated headings:

Have a more formal, tailored appearance.

Curtain style pleats | Home Decor | Darpan Furnishings


Long curtain fabric hanging in loose folds.

Curtain’s length:

Another important variable is length. Depending on the effect you want to create, as well as more practical matters, you can choose between sill length, below sill length, floor length, and trailing or puddled. Shorter curtains suit horizontal windows; they are also more practical if windows are frequently opened, or if there is a radiator beneath the window that should not be blocked. Longer draperies have a more formal, traditional appearance. Because they are necessarily heavier, they must be easy to operate.

Puddled curtains are theatrical and luxurious but should be avoided in areas where they might cause people to trip. Other types include cafe curtains, which cover the lower half of the window, and stationary panels, which do not close.

Lining improves the shape of the curtain; interlining blocks light and provide insulation against heat loss and sound. Contrast lining adds a subtle tone to the facing pattern when the light shines through. Shaped or trimmed hems, along with tying back, provide yet more decorative options.

As the 19th century drew to a close, interior furnishings became increasingly lighter and less detailed. Simple curtains hung from poles replaced elaborate treatments with all valances and all the trimmings.

Choice of panel width depends on practical considerations, such as the positioning of the window and its opening mechanism, as well as the style you are trying to achieve.

Cleaning & Regular maintenance:

  • Make vacuuming your curtains part of your normal cleaning routine. Use soft brushes to clean everyday dust and dirt.
  • Lightweight curtains can be cleaned in the washing machine.
  • Curtains made of delicate material should be dry cleaned or shampoo washed by hand to reduce the risk of shrinking.
  • Curtains made from heavy fabric can be steamed cleaned by holding the appliance further away from the curtain if you notice the material is becoming wet & to avoid a lengthy drying process.
  • Drapes and valances need to be vacuumed in between the folds and gather due to their permanent stitching.

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Arshiya Jabeen
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