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Get Rid of Back Pain, Mattress For Your Back Support & Sound Sleep.

Get Rid of Back Pain, Mattress For Your Back Support & Sound Sleep.

Did you know? You spend almost one-third of your life sleeping?

And if you count the time spent lying in bed reading, watching TV, or lazing about, it’s much higher. All the reasons to believe that mattresses play a vital role in your life.

We will be discussing below on different styles and types of mattresses available that can help you get sound sleep & relief from back pains.




Traditional cotton mattresses:-

Traditional cotton mattresses are very comfortable in summer season, but tend to get bumpy through regular use. Varieties of foam mattresses are available these days, but you must find the one that’s best fits for you. The right bed mattress should not be too soft or too firm, but offers just the right balance of support and comfort. We understand that each & every individual person has a unique style of sleeping & we attempt to cater to a whole gamut of needs.

The terminology such as double bed mattress & single bed mattress can be confusing as there are different size of mattress, such as king size mattress & queen size mattress. So, before you buy any mattress, make sure you measure your cot and get the right size. Below is a brief overview of all the varieties of mattresses

Cloud range of Mattress:-

Cloud Mattress is design with a special three zone spring core with differential spring firmness reinforcing the layers of foam. These are built with soft foam and engineered coir with a breathable middle, achieving the all-too-elusive not too hard nor too soft quality that is highly preferable in spring mattresses.

Orthopedic Mattresses:-

Orthopedic Mattress consists of memory foam bolstered with a layer of rubberized foam that distributes your body weight evenly by following your body’s natural curves, & is firm enough to provide a greater back support. These mattresses are very vital for people who are facing back pain problems.
Orthopedic mattresses are made in such a way that supports your back and helps you sleep better.

Dreamlite Mattresses:-

Dreamlite mattress is best fits for those who are looking for affordable luxury. The mattress consists of good quality anti-corrosive springs attached, and long lasting. The special top foam quilting offers plush comfort too.

Aer Mattress:-

Aer mattress is the very least word in luxurious sleep. Originally designed to support with no compromising on comfort, this mattress comes with a crisp outer cover which is removable and washable, putting your mind at ease in case of accidental spills.

If you’re looking to give your old mattress a new life, explore Darpan Furnishings range of mattress protectors which are designed to improve the longevity of your mattress.

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