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Explore the 28 Mattress Types available at Darpan Furnishings

Explore the 28 Mattress Types available at Darpan Furnishings

When you visit any of the Darpan Furnishing stores, you notice following mattress brands flaunting their beautiful mattresses right in front of your eyes. It is like watching an exhibition since there are too many popular brands put on a single floor for you to choose from.

Mattress Brands:

  • mm Foam
  • Kurlon
  • Springwel
  • Magniflex
  • Duroflex
  • Hush
  • Peps
  • King Koil
  • Springfit
  • Eclipse
  • Centuary
  • Finesse, and more

Now that you have an idea about the different kinds of brands available at Darpan Furnishings, it is time for you to learn about the different kinds of mattresses available in the market. Before you visit any store, you must know what kind of mattresses are manufactured and sold so that you know which one to pick for your house.

Mattresses section at Darpan Furnishings Secunderabad store

Mattresses section at Darpan Furnishings Secunderabad store.

28 Mattress Types:

Here is a list of 28 mattress types available at Darpan Furnishings stores.

  1. Coir Mattress
  2. Bonded Mattress
  3. Memory Foam Mattress
  4. PU Foam 32 Density Mattress
  5. PU Foam 40 Density Mattress
  6. Bonnell Spring Mattress
  7. Pocketed Spring Mattress
  8. Natural Latex Mattress
  9. Bonnell Euro Top Mattress
  10. Pocketed Euro Top Mattress
  11. Bonnell Pillow Top Mattress
  12. Pocketed Pillow Top Mattress
  13. Pincore Mattress
  14. Hard Core Mattress
  15. Bonded and Memory Mattress
  16. HR Foam and Bonded Mattress
  17. Pocketed Spring and Memory HR Mattress
  18. Bonded and Latex Mattress
  19. Coir Bonded HR Foam Mattress
  20. Coir and Memory Foam Mattress
  21. Foam with Latex Mattress
  22. Selab Foam with Memory Foam Mattress
  23. Multi-Core Mattress
  24. Eleyo Foam with Memory Foam Mattress
  25. Eleyo Foam with Cool Gel Foam Mattress
  26. Royal Selab with Foam Memory Mattress
  27. Cool Gel Bonded Memory Foam and HR Foam Mattress

You actually trial all the mattress types available at Darpan Furnishings and choose the best-suited mattress of your sleeping style.

So what are you waiting for? visit your nearby Darpan Furnishing stores today and select the perfect sleeping mattress for you.




  1. Maj Kamlesh

    Do you have high-density mattresses in Queen bed size? I also want to change Kurl On 78*74 spine care.
    Kindly reply

    1. admin (Post author)

      yes, we have high-density mattresses in Queen bed size. Kindly share your details (or) contact our customer care department at 9642528833.

  2. Ankita

    Thanks for mentioning all the mattress types, I hardly knew 3-4 types before.


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