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5 questions to ask yourself before buying a sofa fabric in Hyderabad

5 questions to ask yourself before buying a sofa fabric in Hyderabad

Buying a Sofa fabric in Hyderabad:

Although buying a sofa fabric in Hyderabad or upholstery for your sofa or couch seems like a simple purchase, it is a big task to choose the right one! Simply because a sofa can be your mood changer and can create the vibe you desire for in your room.

So, here are some questions to think about and pointers to keep in mind before buying a sofa fabric in Hyderabad.

1. What is the purpose?

It is important to keep in mind the location of your sofa. Are you looking for a sofa for an office on the busy Hyderabad roads or for a living room in your comfort home? If it’s an office sofa, you may want to consider a fabric that gives a clean and sophisticated look. For this purpose, you can consider velvet, suede or leather fabrics.

If you are considering to buy for your living room, the material needs to be inexpensive and washable. You can look for cotton, linen or silk fabric for this purpose.

With the advances in innovation and technology, there are now fabrics with fire retardant and water repellent properties available, which you should look for, especially if you have kids at home.

It is also good to keep in mind who is going to sit on the sofa. A breathable fabric will be good for long hours of seating. If you have pets or children at home, corduroy fabrics work the best as they are allergy-free, anti-microbial and stain-resistant.

At Darpan Furnishings, you find stain-resistant, fire retardant, water repellent Sofa fabrics.

2. What can match the room?

Now, do you want your sofa to stand out or to just blend in with the room? It is important to understand how the sofa can change the entire look of a room. It all depends on you! You can take home a sample fabric piece to match it with your room and then decide.

If you want a vintage look for your room, linen material is earthy and perfect. For an everyday use purpose, invest in cotton fabrics. Cotton fabrics come in various colors and patterns. Patterned cotton fabrics are also a trend. Some people choose faux silk or silk material for a neat look. You can also select durable fabrics like corduroy. All these sofa fabrics are easily available in Hyderabad.

Also keep in mind, the color of the cushions that you want to keep on the sofa. It should match well with your sofa. And also make sure to choose a color that compliments your room.

sofa fabrics available at Darpan Furnishings

Pic Courtesy: Sofa Fabric Mock-up display at Darpan Furnishings Secunderabad store.

3. Which fabric will suit the weather of Hyderabad?

You would neither want your sofa to become very hot in summers nor become very cold during the winter. Sitting on the couch should be comfortable and relaxing at all times.

It’s best to avoid heavy wool fabric and leather fabric in humid places like Hyderabad as they heat up very easily. Look for fabrics with microfibre and with a wicker structure as it allows easy airflow. Cotton material is porous and inexpensive. It is ideal for summers. Silk is also a good sofa fabric in Hyderabad.

Dark-colored fabrics should be avoided where direct sunlight is falling, as colors fade away after excessive exposure to the sun. A medium colored fabric like grey or brown can give a great look to your living room!

At Darpan Furnishings, you can find all types of style and designer sofa fabrics and select according to your needs and choice.

Wide variety of sofa fabrics design patterns in Hyderabad at Darpan Furnishings

4. What is the probability of maintenance?

If you are a working couple and have a nuclear family, mostly the weekends are the only days available for cleaning, so invest in sofa fabrics that do not have much cleaning work. Light-colored sofas can stain easily, so it’s best to restrict on that color. However, you can also find washable light-colored fabrics, that can be removed and washed easily.

When there are pets and children at home, keep in mind to buy a fabric that doesn’t collect a lot of dust. Silk fabric is usually dust-free. You can also choose synthetic blends of sofa fabrics.

Most fabrics require timely professional cleaning with a vacuum cleaner. So it’s easier and hassle-free to keep a vacuum cleaner for cleaning purposes!

At Darpan Furnishings, you can find cotton, silk, satin, leather, and all popular material sofa fabrics.

5. Do you have any allergies?

Having pets at home can be challenging for someone with an allergy to pet hair. So it’s best to avoid fabrics on which the pet hairs can stick and cause allergic reactions. Focus on simple fabrics that give your room a complete look.

For a heavily populated city like Hyderabad, the sofa fabric should be dust resistant, If you or someone in your home has an allergy to dust. Please keep in mind to buy a fabric that can be cleaned dust mites and pollen regularly. Everyday cleaning may be required for people suffering from asthma, so buy a low-maintenance sofa fabric.

You can also place air purifiers and dehumidifiers in the living area. If you find any molds is your sofa, kindly treat it immediately as they develop very fast on most fabrics.

So with this article, buying a sofa fabric in Hyderabad is now easier for you!

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