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8 Differences between Curtains, Drapes, Blinds, and Shades

8 Differences between Curtains, Drapes, Blinds, and Shades

Curtains, Drapes, Blinds, and Shades differences:

S. No Description Curtains Drapes Blinds Shades
1 Linings They do not have linings They are usually lined with light blocking fabric They are made out of stiff material and hence no lining is needed.
In case of roman shades, they need to have a lining to hold the lifting rods in between.
2 Weight They are generally light weighted They are heavy. Their weight depends upon the material used in making them.
The weight depends upon the thickness of fabric used or the sheet used in case of a roller.
3 Materials used These can be made in silks, organza, linens, cotton, poly cotton, acetates or nets. Using heavy fabrics are the norms of making a drape which includes luxury materials such as velvets, silks, damask or jacquards. They are made in wood, aluminum, vinyl slats are also known as louvers that tilt open to let in light and close for privacy.
Roman shades or fabric shades can be made in any light or moderately weighted fabrics along with the lining. Whereas, roller blinds are made in PVC, polyesters, and nylons.
4 Look They are informal, generally put up for decorative purpose They give a sophisticated, formal look. They are pleated and look stylish. A combination of drape and sheer gives a warm appealing look along with valances or scarves. They give rigid and formal softens the look we can add a soft sheer along with valance on it.
They appear semi-formal depending upon the pattern on the fabric used. They are advisable for small rooms with small windows. In areas where curtains are not suitable shades is the best option.
5 Length Lengths usually depend on the area where you are using it. It can be floor length or short that can cover the window. They cover the length from top to the floor. The length and width of a blind are sized to fit within the window frame.
They come in wide ranges of length, width, colors, patterns, and material.
6 Light filtration They filter out light They limit the entry of light and also serves best for soundproofing. They block the light completely when closed.
Depending on the thickness of the lining and the material the light is blocked.
7 Areas Halls, doorways, partitions, bay windows, balcony’s, family living rooms Areas with huge halls, home theatres, bedrooms, formal dining, formal living. Study rooms, offices, bedrooms
Halls, bedrooms, study, windows which do not have much space to fix a rod.
8 Maintenance They can be machine washed by keeping the regulator on a delicate wash. For delicate materials it safe to go with dry cleaning and shampoo washing by hand to avoid the risk of shrinkage. Vacuuming with a soft brush attachment to remove everyday dust and dirt. They can also be steam cleaned by holding the appliance far away and preventing it from getting wet and also to avoid the lengthy drying process. Blinds can be wiped with the cinch of furniture polish and a soft cloth or with our easy-clean dusters. Any serious grime may lead to professional cleaning.
Dry clean, delicate machine wash or even vacuuming may do the needful in case of fabric shades whereas roller needs vacuuming or soft soap cleaning by hand.

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Material: Vinyl, sheer fabric, woven cane, wood, straw and more.

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