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Artificial Turf

Artificial Turf

Choose from the most durable and cost effective artificial grass/turf options for home & outdoor use. Darpan Furnishings offers turfs with most naturally realistic look and feel. Understanding that no one would want their artificial lawn to look out of the context, our experts take special care to handpick the right product that would blend-in naturally with your ambiance and give the appearance of real grass.


Advantages of Artificial Turf

 Imitation Grass as it is also called, is rightfully the future of a great looking homes and outdoors. However one might argue why not have natural grass for your lawn? The answer is very simple, because it will never really be worth the efforts you will have to put in later for the maintenance. Hence avoid the hassles of taking time to mow & water the lawn time and again and choose the finest, low maintenance artificial grass for your property of any size or architectural variation.


To further compare quality and other attributes, natural grass loses out to artificial grass. It might be made with the same appearance and texture but unlike natural grass, it does not decay over time, nor does it attract harmful insects. Hence kids and pets can play around or unwind in your lawn area without catching any kind of skin allergy, which happens a lot with natural grass.  Moreover, fake grass remains the same size and needs almost no maintenance ever.


So, whether you want to enhance your homes’ overall appeal or create a perfect play area, we offer the most suitable artificial grass solutions at a price tailored to your budget.

Types of Artificial Turf

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