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Sofa Fabric Hyderabad
Sofa Fabric

Darpan has over 17 Years of experience in providing high quality upholstery services, offering personal approach and attention to detail. We have over 1200 + fabric styles to choose from, and every one of them is unique. Believing there is no space too difficult, too small and no furniture too old to look after, our team would always love to work with you.

And with the guidance of an experienced interior expert, you would be able to transform your living room into a beautiful setting. Whether old in need of revamp or bespoke newly designed, we help you make the best of your Sofa. Our upholstery range includes plains, florals, stripes and contemporary styles from leading design houses.

Interior experts stationed at stores carefully screen every upholstery fabric and hence you can be rest assured that it would be the most luxurious, comfortable and beautiful product for you. We understand that the texture, style and color of Sofa Covers bring out the personality and character of every furniture piece.


Why Upholster?

It’s important to understand the concept of Upholstery. Once you have already invested in sofas or chairs, why start all over again? When you want to change the look for your home. All your furniture needs is a bit of Re-Upholstery from Darpan. Moreover there are many furniture options that do not come with fabric layers, hence it makes a lot of sense to add a comfortable, rich layering without shelling a lot of money.

And then there is the additional benefit for you to get to show off all the original features of your furniture such as wooden areas, studded work and button backs. Meaning when you choose your Sofa Covers you can customize it to the very minutest detail.

Types of Sofa Fabric

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