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This isn’t for everyone. But if you’re an NRI coming home to Hyderabad, now or sometime soon – then this page is just for you.

First, a story that may be of interest and value to you.

An NRI couple decked-up their swanky home in Houston. They spent some $30,000 on drapes.
A friend of this couple, who had an almost similar-sized home in Texas, picked-up drapes at $ 7700 while on a vacation in Hyderabad.

Result: An equally stunning home + 71% Savings!

There’s no moral to this story. Just some learning – when you choose from our 250+ drape styles across 10,000 designs, you also rake in 5-figure $ savings! Buying drapes at our stores in Hyderabad has helped NRIs from US, UK, Australia and elsewhere save anywhere between $5K – $10K!
There’s little reason why it won’t benefit you.

Would you want to fly back with just memories of a good vacation…when you can fly back with great memories + dashing drapes + 5-figure $ savings??

This holiday, make some time to visit us.
It sure will be a rewarding outing.

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Curtain Styling for NRI Homes.

Flyback with decor ideas to make your home stunning.

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NRI Faq's


It is here that beautiful interiors are tastefully curated with stylish spaces that reflect the unique lifestyle of its owners. Renowned for its vibrant and elegant style, Darpan has been at the forefront of furnishing industry in terms of bringing in latest trends and creating creative solutions.

Here you can leverage the one-stop, multi-brand shop for the choicest Soft Furnishings.


Here’s your biggest takeaway – in over 15 years, we amassed great understanding of how to style spaces so that people revel in good mood all the time. Our history shows that we successfully leveraged in weaving magic into spaces that are often overlooked. Resulting in: stunning offices, hospitals, hotels and one Lakh homes in Hyderabad.


In a nutshell, if you opt for this feature we will conceptually amplify the look and feel of your entire home. Every room can have its unique theme or the entire home can have a signature look. Our professional Décor executives will understand your choices and guide you to create the ultimate look for your space. We will dress your address fashionably.


You have a plethora of choices when you visit Darpan. Ranging from the trendiest soft furnishing designs to the all-time favorites, you will find it all here. This is a one-stop, multi-brand shop for the choicest curtain fabrics, sofa fabrics, wallpapers, blinds, paintings, floorings, clocks, artifacts…across different hues and patterns. For all these products, you can choose from 150 + national & international brands.


Just like you change your wardrobe to match the season or a festival, you can easily change the way your home looks.

At Darpan you have access to the latest Collection of fabrics that are set to visually incorporate a festival/seasonal glow whilst adding warmth and life to every room. For example for the Marriage Season – The curtains would reveal a celebratory charm! Sofa fabrics will resonate the special colors that reverberate the lovely mood. Now is time for the flooring, for a contemporary setting you might choose from the wonderful wooden flooring options. Or for a more traditional setting, you might select crafty carpets to create an astonishing ambiance. Similarly, elegant Crockery, matching Artefacts and revitalizing bed and bath choices are available to accentuate homes beauty quotient.

NRI Review

My experience with Darpan has always been a very pleasant one. Being an NRI I was very skeptical about trying to get drapery without looking at fabric in person but Sushma and Narsimha made the whole process extremely smooth for me. Sushma was very proactive by sending me pictures of fabric and also made a lot of video calls to show me the kind of fabric that I had in mind. It was like she knew exactly what I wanted. The whole process was a breeze and stress free from me. The Drapes showed up at my place in the US in a span of two weeks. That’s how quick the process was. I would highly recommend working with Sushma if you are thinking of shopping at Darpan.
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