Room Styling

Box Pleated Curtains
Room Styling

We are known for our expertise in weaving a unique style statement to every home. And we take pride in styling over 1,00,000 homes across South India! We're Darpan Furnishings, the home stylists since 2001. We are Darpan Furnishings, a one-stop-shop for home furnishing with a 15-year legacy of styling over a lakh homes across South India. Addressing NRI home decor needs is a strategic priority at Darpan. You or your NRI friends can now benefit from Darpan’s exclusive services for NRI'S.

Types of Room Styling

Chic Style

Ethnic Style

Spacious Style

Elegant Style

Zestful Style

Body style

Products Of Room Styling

Clocks & Artefacts
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Cushions Pillows
Sofa Fabric
Wooden Sports Floor
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Brands at Darpan

Darpan Stores are the 'go to' place for choicest curtain fabrics, sofa fabrics wallpapers, blinds, wall decor, floorings, and other vast range of hues and patterns. Top

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