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Why should you replace pillows regularly?

Why should you replace pillows regularly?


Be it after a long day’s work or the feeling of tiredness, all you would want to do is hit the sack and call it a day. However, in this process, the idea of having the right kind of sleep is missing. And there are instances wherein you do sleep for hours but when you wake up you don’t feel that fresh. So, why does that happen? Well, a minor issue could be the reason.

What studies suggest:

Studies have shown that in order to have a good and refreshing sleep, your head, neck, and spine should have proper support. Also, you spend one-third of your time in a day, sleeping. It is here that pillows play an important role. Normally, the cushioning effect of a pillow is best when it is new. However, as time passes by, the wear and tear increase due to which the cushioning effect reduces. 

In some cases, it also may lead to strain in the neck and spine. Bottom-line, for a good sleep proper alignment of the spine, is most important and for that to happen, your pillow needs to be replaced at regular intervals.

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How hygienic are your pillows?

The second reason for this replacement is Hygiene. When you go to sleep or even rest on a pillow; the sweat, saliva, and oil is transferred to the pillow. Similarly, the dead cells which are formed are shed on the pillow while sleeping.

While most of us may not notice it, over a period of time, they may lead to the formation of mold or dust mites. This leads to unwanted health complications in the future. Of course, Pillows which are Hypoallergenic will reduce this formation, but in long run, it is always advisable to change pillows for better Hygiene. To those who have allergy issues, the pillow replacement needs to happen more frequently.

Washing your pillow regularly may help to some extent but it doesn’t really serve the purpose in due course of time. Research has shown that your pillow would contribute a lot to your sleep than you can imagine. This is one object which is the closest to your face than any other so ensure it is maintained in good hygiene and with the right quality.

So, it is time to bring the pillow from a backburner list to the priority list and make way for new ones.

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