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9 Tips to buy the right Mattress for your comfort sleep

9 Tips to buy the right Mattress for your comfort sleep

Buying the right mattress for you is as important as eating the right food! The reason is simple: A comfortable sleep keeps you energetic and motivated for the following day and by the end of each day you look forward again to replenish a relaxed sleep on your bed. You see, a mattress can be therapeutic!

On average, you spend 3000 out of 8760 hours a year sleeping. Although some of those hours are not on the same bed maybe because of traveling, you are always looking forward to getting back home and sleeping on your own bed. Isn’t that true?

So yes, changing your old mattress or buying one for a new home, you need to make a careful, well-invested and a well- informed decision of choosing the right mattress.

9 Tips to Buy the Right Mattress:

Read our ultimate mattress shopping guide of 9 tips to buy the right mattress before you go out for mattress shopping. We value your money, time and sleep!

1. Comfort matters: take the trial!

Many online and offline stores let you try a new mattress, so take the trial. You need to match your mattress with how you sleep. Prefer a firmer mattress if you sleep on your stomach, foam mattress for sleeping sideways, hard mattress for sleeping straight.

If you have back pain issues, buy a mattress that is supportive and soft for the back. It is a personal choice, and you should decide how you like it!

At Darpan Furnishings stores you would find all the top branded mattresses and the best part is that you get to experience the comfort of the mattress before you buy.

Watch the video of Architect Ms. Kavita speaking about Darpan Secunderabad store Mattress section:

2. Size matters: choose wisely!

Yes, you need to choose the size of the mattress looking at the purpose and utility of the mattress. If you are buying for a toddler, a crib-sized bed will suffice. A twin bed or a twin XL should be convenient for your kids until college.

For a single sleeper who needs a good amount of space on the bed, a full-sized bed or a queen-sized bed should do and for those adults and couples who are tall and don’t want to compromise their sleeping area, they can choose a King sized or a California King sized bed.

3. Quality matters: know the types of mattresses!

Investing in the right firmness and the feel of the mattress is very important. The innerspring mattresses are the least expensive ones. The memory foam mattresses work best for backaches and joint pains.

For a bouncy feel, you can choose the latex foam mattress. They come in natural, synthetic and blended varieties. The hybrid mattress is a combination of foam and innerspring models and they can give you the best of both. Air mattresses are expensive, but allow you to customize the firmness as you like.

At Darpan Furnishings stores in Hyderabad, you can explore 28 types of mattresses from all top mattress brands.

4. Money matters: warranty and waterproof!

Buying a mattress is not cheap, hence look for higher warranty ones. Some give you a warranty for one year, while some give you for two or more years. The warranty, however, doesn’t cover for spills, so be sure to protect your mattress with a good mattress protector or a mattress cover with best Mattress dealers in Hyderabad.

There are a lot of mattresses with waterproof material. These are good for younger kids, or for those who like to have their tea in bed. You don’t want to be cribbing over a spill on an expensive bed, hence invest in a waterproof one.

5. Design matters: find your perfect!

Durability or density of your mattress will depend on how thick you like your mattress. The thicker ones have many layers like a support layer and the comfort layer.

The temperature of the mattress depends on better air-flow and higher breathing in the material of the mattress. For a stable temperature, buy a design with many layers.

6. Hygiene matters: exclude odour, include freshness!

Usually, adding a few extra layers of cover can help absorb sweat. To maintain the freshness and hygiene of the bed and save it from bed bugs, it is important that the outer cover of your mattress is made of using cotton material. Some mattress covers also have a zipper on it so that it can be washed and reused. You should find a mattress that gives you a clean appearance.

7. Purpose matters:

Everyone has the right to choose a mattress for themselves!

Yes, let each person who is going to use the bed be the wise chooser of what they want to sleep on. Everyone’s comfort is subjective and it should be their right to feel comfortable in sleeping. Find the best that suits both, if two people are sharing the bed.

At Darpan Furnishings stores, our mattresses expert will guide you to choose the best sleeping mattress for you.

8. Adjustable mattresses: a new trend!

A newer way of using your bed for multipurpose use is here! An adjustable bed is the one where you can raise or lower the head and foot of the bed, according to your comfort and relaxation. Some mattresses also come with an in-built massager, sleep tracker and even wakes you up by raising the head side of the bed when it’s time to wake up! But these beds are quite expensive, so think before you invest in them

9. Easy shipping and timely installation: 

When buying a new mattress, verify if the delivery is done on time. Most of the Mattress stores in Hyderabad offer shipping and installation, however, there is no harm in checking with them with the same. It is also important to keep in mind to save the old mattress and keep it in handy until you get comfortable with the new one.

We hope the above-shared tips to buy the right mattress for you are helpful!

If you want to explore various types of mattresses and buy a perfect sleeping mattress then visit nearby Darpan Furnishing stores today.

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