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Most Homes In South India Get A Mood Makeover?

Most Homes In South India Get A Mood Makeover?

Ask someone ‘where do you love to hangout the most?’, and  pat  comes  the  reply ‘home’. But people today spend most of their time at workstations, coffee shops, malls, eateries, exotic locations. Although time-at-home has dwindled, there is nothing to match the charm of one’s home. And you will agree that there is a style to every home. Now what if we said, Hyderabad is home to the stylists of over a lakh homes. They live by the name Darpan Furnishings. And have  let  many  homes  reflect  the persona of the people residing in them.

Fine home furnishing

Darpan boasts the best collection of curtain  fabrics,  sofa fabrics wallpapers, blinds, wall decorpaintings , floorings, rods and other accessories in vast range of hues with contrasting stripes, plaids, plains and geometric prints.

Right Approachhome furnishing

Darpan’s approach towards home furnishing is unique. It hinges on the simple insight that every home is different and so home décor can’t be the same. Probably why Darpan’s store personnel spend most of their time, almost three quarters of the time, in understanding the home dweller’s lifestyle & personality. What this approach enables is a unique style to every home.

Loyalists All-over

The good word about Darpan’s customer-centric approach has spread far and wide. May be why most homes in South India got a mood makeover here. Darpan enticed the interest of home lovers spanning across Hyderabad, Nizamabad, Adilabad, Warangal and even the neighbouring states of Karnataka & Maharasthra.

Rich legacy

Darpan enjoys a 14-plus year legacy in adorning homes with fine home furnishing. It is an elaborate one- stop-shop for all home furnishing needs. And with stores  in ABIDS, GACHIBOWLI,  CHANDANAGAR and BANJARA HILLS, Darpan empowers more and more people with choicest home décor options.

Styling your home… just a call away  


That one can avail free ‘ at home’ d e s i g n consultation is like music to ears. Darpan has kept pace with the  changing times by saving the most treasured  currency:  time.  You call, we visit, we advise, you choose, we execute, and you see your home styled the way you want. All without even having to stepout! Next time,your  home needs a mood makeover , you know where to go, right?



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