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In the previous article, we came to know that there is no right or wrong in playing with colors unless it’s synced well with the other surrounding assortments.
Today I will be showing you on how we can add lights to a room that is dark and dull. How we could make it cozy or how to make it spacey?

Colors play a very vital role in influencing our mood. We need to decide on how we like to go about the room styling. We need to decide if we are willing to see it warmer or do we want to cool it down making it pleasant.
This article would help you out in deciding what to do for your gloom room!

Room Decor Pointers:-

  • Play with crisp hues of cooler palette such as blues, teal, mint or lavender. They impart brightness, feels airy and breathable. Combine it with white on the solid molds.
  • If you want a welcoming warm look you can have lighter hues of yellow as they also reflect light. It is softer and inviting. Don’t go too yellow combine it with whites or grey. Do not over saturate.
  • Grey helps in the perception of size. Having light shades of grey with white makes it look cooler and spacious.
  • Going monochrome: means choosing your coordinate curtains, furniture, rugs and accents in similar shades. This would perceive a minimal and clean look and would also make space look larger.
  • Doing the entire space with white would make it look grand, light, bright, open & spaced. White complements natural lighting and also gives liberty to decorate.

Pointers For Dark Rooms:-

If it’s a dark room and you can’t decide on to which room to consider it:
• You can have it as your formal dining provided it’s spacious.
• Home theatre is perfect anyways.
• Maybe a sensuous cozy bedroom
• Your art room
• Study

Pointers Other Room:-

• Hang mirrors if the room is small it allows the light to bounce off reflective surfaces.
• If you have a beautiful garden on your balcony or faces the patio just add sheers. Jute curtains with raw finished pastel shades are always cool for the eyes.
• Go for the matte finish rather than glossy. The matte surface reflects light everywhere.
• Go minimal on furniture and with light shades.
• Paint the ceiling white. If not white, try pale yellow, mint or cream.
• Limit accent color.

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Article By:-
Arshiya Jabeen
Interior Design Consultant at Darpan Furnishings


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