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How to create your own theme?

How to create your own theme?

How to create your own theme? How to know your liking & learning to live with it?

Clinching a theme can be very tricky, confusing rather. There can be many ideas flooding down into your brain or you may also go blank at some point of time. Many people loathe at the fact of thinking about their likings. Many do not know what they like or what amuses them the most, and therefore hire Home decorators, conduct survey, consult people for there confused satisfaction. There is no specific rocket science to get to conclusions of what you like. Different psychologies different likings. Few are calm, few are passionate, few are bright and crazy and could experiment wild, there by giving nightmares to the others. But yes change is GOOD! MISTAKES creates wonders sometime and totally depends on how you are willing to accept it. The colour yellow may appear quite bold, warm, sassy, jazzy etc…and to a few it may be wild, breathe taking, a big no- no.

Some like collecting coins, stamps…sounds quite a cliché, but a few prefer collecting plastic bags of different patterns, colors, textures or specific brands or nature postcards. In the end you would be living with it happily which might bother others though. But that’s ok! It could be any thing that is tangible or intangible, it could be visions of dreams which can be scripted!

To have a room of your own likings and preferences, draw, collect images of things that inspires you, keep articles, click pictures. Maintain a folder or a box to dump your collection and when you think you are quite handful with your satisfied perks, start segregating images or articles speaking out the same story.

Did we just speak of nature postcards???

This might interest you leaves sounds so typical but they are there millions in varieties, changing from season to season, giving contrasts in palette. Autumn /Winter has Maple leaves carrying exuberant warm palette ranging from rust, mustard, peach, maroons, browns, oranges… whereas Spring/Summer has a cool palette fresh budding lime greens to dark greens.

By this time you are completely in stage of perceiving and visualizing 50% of your work.
Considering the interiors of your homes you would like to play accordingly to set all the coordinates to create the story and harmony and bring out that balance.

(Hint: its better to have a light tones over walls so that the contrasting hue is really picked)

Apart from all the rust and yellows…you will have that sudden thought of adding a new color may be magenta or a teal or a cobalt…. GO FOR IT! FULLFILL THE URGE THAT KEPT YOU STRIKING.

If you are atleast 50% sure to go with it create an “accent chair” or the “highlighting chair” to be more precise against that mustard wall or throw a cushion or place a carpet! Keep up that delight passion of experimenting raging in you and play with it. If it’s a mistake you will create a new story out of it, you will learn …… if not it’s a beautifully placed blunder… CHEERS

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Article By:-
Arshiya Jabeen
Interior Design Consultant at Darpan Furnishings


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