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Colors … Its how you interpret it!

Colors … Its how you interpret it!


  • Colors are always the key element that sets and create the mood of a room.
  • Treat each room individually.
  • A single color “flowing” in every room has no place in your home. Instead, use a color to treat each room individually so that when you enter a room you feel that it expresses another aspect of you!
  • The colors, patterns, and textures in your background surfaces -walls, floors, window treatments, and ceiling, will very likely be different in every room. If you are wondering if your home will look choppy… don’t worry! It won’t.
  • Coordinating your colors allows you to pull together all the architectural elements and your furnishings so that your home will have a cohesive look and feel.
  • There is always a myriad of color choices that will work in any situation if the total value is appropriate.
  • A color strategy is a recipe for harmony – a set of color relationships that are proven to work well and can be used as a formula for building our color composition.
  • Every time you shift to a different color or different hue you are creating interest. It’s a subtle thing but it builds content.


  • RED: Passion and aggression.  It can be used in bedrooms keeping red as one focused wall and while others remain white.
    Red can also be used in the dining area as it increases appetite! If you have noticed closely, you will realize that most of the interiors of the restaurant have some red element. Some give it a rusty brick effect.
  • GREY: Neutral, passive, low energy. Should be paired with a bold bright color. Grey alone should not be too much in abundance. Advisable for halls, lobby, and foyer.
  • BLUE: Sky and ocean. Loyal, dependable, trustworthy, honest, wise. Humans tend to have fewer errors when they are surrounded by blue walls. Preferable for study rooms, offices, bedrooms.
  • PURPLE: Luxury, royalty, appears classy. This color appears less in nature which is why it’s considered special and rare giving it importance. Looks great when used in the foyer when paired with neutrals.
  • ORANGE: Success, hyper, welcoming and high energy. Looks great in living room, the front of an office, entrance.

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Article By:-
Arshiya Jabeen
Interior Design Consultant at Darpan Furnishings



1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Mohsin

    Vow……………What a description of colours you have given – amazing. Definitely, we will try your suggestion in our home.

    Thanks Arshiyah


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