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Choose the Perfect Carpets for Your Home.

Choose the Perfect Carpets for Your Home.

Nothing can be compared to the soft, luxurious feeling of carpets under your feet. Carpeting will provide a safe, comfortable spot for kids to play & may even reduce the risk of injury during a fall. Surely, carpet needs a bit of maintenance when you compared it to vinyl/tile, but there is no substitute in terms of sound absorption, warmth & overall comfort.

With a variety of colors, materials & designs available, it can be very difficult to select the best carpet for your home. Few materials may require regular cleanings that simply will not fit into your busy schedule, others may come with a high price tag & some may have an effect on your health. A wrong carpet may wear out quickly, fade or show stains that may resist your best cleaning efforts. Protect your investment & Select the best carpeting for your home with below carpet-buying tips.



Select the perfect style of carpet that suits you:-

Carpet comes in wide range of styles, including plush, Saxony, Berber, textured & frieze. Which is the surface you see there are created from yarn tufts that is either folded over into loops, cut straight across or both. While each style has a different look, that should not be your main consideration. Instead, look at how well your lifestyle will meshes with a particular carpet style. Plush carpeting, for e.g. is made from the tightly twisted pile, & is thick, soft & inviting. But it also displays footprints & vacuum tracks and can create something called “pooling,” or places that appear shaded because of the normal direction of the carpet fibers has been reversed. Saxony is regularly used carpeting & is same as plush.
These carpet styles work best in low-traffic areas like formal living rooms & master bedrooms.

Carpet in Hyderabad

Berber carpeting, in contrast, is crafted from continuous fiber loops & is flat and very dense. It can have a level loop, cut-&-loop or multi-level loop design. All of these features mean Berber carpets is highly durable & does not show tracks, soil & stains — perfect for high-traffic places/areas frequented by kids.

Textured carpeting is made from fibers cut to different heights, which causes them to reflect light. This makes it hard to see tracks & dirt. So this type of carpeting is also good for high-traffic areas.

Friezes are a cut-pile carpet made from slightly twisted fibers. The look is less formal when compared to plush, but fancier than many textured pieces or Berber. The carpet feels very soft on your feet & its fuzziness hides footprints as well as dirt.

Go Green:-

Many people are shocked to learn just how much carpet, padding, and adhesives can impact air quality and health. Anytime you have been around brand-new carpet or any other building materials, you would remember that “unique” smell. That smell is caused by (volatile organic compounds). VOCs, such as formaldehyde, cause bad indoor air quality & can contribute to health problems, including asthma& allergies. Save your family by selecting carpet made from natural products, including wool, jute & other natural organic materials. Also, kindly look for organic or chemical-free dyes to avoid toxic fumes from your home.

In addition to affecting your health, your choice of carpet can also impact the environment. Lower your impact with recycled materials, like carpets made from recycled water bottles. Most of the manufacturers also use recycled carpeting to create new rugs, so check the recycled-content percentage before you buy any carpet. Also, remember that nylon and other synthetics are usually made from fossil fuel byproducts, so choose renewable/ recycled products for maximum sustainability.

If you want to go green but feel overwhelmed by your options, select eco-friendly carpet.

Select Your Carpet Provider with Care:-

You can buy carpet in areas like carpet stores, flooring companies, department stores and now even online. While you can end up with beautiful carpet that’s expertly installed using any of these options, your best bet is to choose a reputable organization.
A good carpet store will have a large range of carpet for selection, including many fiber options such as wool, synthetics, blends, sisal, linen, jute, coir & woven vinyl. Even their Staff member will be able to easily answer all of your queries.

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