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Adding carpets and rugs to Your Interiors…

Adding carpets and rugs to Your Interiors…

Adding carpets and rugs to Your Interiors…

Rooms are just spaces influencing the shape and use. They help in orienting, within a building both before and after its built.

Every element used in spaces are interdependent amongst each other, thereby creating an ornate look.

Carpets and rugs add a soft finishing touch to your area.

Colors of your carpets and rugs create certain visual effects, emotions and atmosphere. Individual perceptions may vary, but most of us will be affected similarly.

Rugs and carpet pattern choice can be determined by the expected congestion exposure in a particular area. For high traffic areas, a randomly diffused pattern in mixed neutral tints and tones usually work best.

The most widely accepted is a warm colored interior with moderately, intense colors from mid to low contrast. Playing monotones also adds grace in its own way.

Which one will work best depends on how strongly other decor elements are accentuated in that room. The more of an accent or physical presence of other elements, carpets or rugs need to be complimenting the surroundings or left to blend with the background & vice versa. The more understated surroundings, the better is the ground for a dominant, beautiful area rug.


Stay tuned for more updates on soft furnishings trends and patterns.
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