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Cushions & Pillows

Cushions & Pillows


Cushions provide a perfect finish to any room and impart much-needed coziness and a homely feel to any interior. So, are you are looking to add that finishing touch to your furniture, but can’t quite find that special cushion cover to match your homes personality? We have the best solutions for you!

Darpan Furnishings, offers cushions that are a cut above the generic. Discover from exquisitely patterned & plain styled, in a range of colours that suit the specific season’s trend. We suggest scatter cushions to create a fun environ around the room, or go for floral designs to complement your subtle interiors. You can easily add a personal touch with photo styles or personalized cushions too.



Choosing the right pillow for yourself is as important as choosing mattress as it majorly affects the quality of your sleep.  The right pillow will guarantee the finest neck support and let your body resolve into its most comfortable and best sleeping position. It’s even said that finding the right pillow is like a dream come true, since it can actually mean saying goodbye to neck pain, snoring or even insomnia.

At Darpan Furnishings, you will find Pillows from the best of brands with an amazing selection of Pillow Covers to compliment the same.

Types of Cushions & Pillows

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