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Darpan showcases the highest quality curtain fabrics to create the most stunning look for your home. Incorporating latest trends in design, our range is second to none. Moreover these made to measure curtains come with an array of complimentary services. For example, you just need to approach our interior expert stationed at every store to enquire about which curtain suits your home the most.

Whether your style is ultra-modern or a bit traditional, we can advise on the right curtain selection and skillfully turn your home into a beautiful abode. So, if you are looking to instantly enrich the look and feel of a room, just walk in and choose the best looking drapes for your home.

Types of Curtains

Sheer, Net or Voile curtains are relatively lightweight as they are made from almost translucent synthetic materials. Consequently these curtains will not absorb much light and hence are best suited for summers. The range available with us will not just cover the naked windows but will add an overall appeal to your home.

Cotton curtains drape well, making them a great option for formal dining rooms. Apart from efficiently blocking sunlight they offer a crisp, clean feel that suits traditional or modern decorating styles.

Silk curtains are heavier and provide a very royal look to any room. Since the material is very rich, it takes more maintenance than others. Consequently it makes more sense to keep Silk curtains away from direct sunlight and pollution, to avoid frequent dry cleaning. Faux silk curtains are also available at Darpan that offer easier laundering and more durability.

To get innovative with curtains you can turn a lightweight voile curtain into a bed canopy, or use printed curtains as room separators or even use a valance on the kitchen cupboard

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