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Functionally speaking Curtains or drapes are used to block light, sound and dust. But as we all have evolved to stylish living, we have the choice of understanding the esthetic importance of them. Curtains help create a beautiful ambience in our rooms depending on the choice of colors.

Earth colors for example create a warm effect, whereas bright colors exude freshness. Similarly dark colored curtains portray elegance. Professional decor experts understand the aesthetic importance of curtains. Hence our Decor Team will help you realize the correct curtain (fabric) that will suit your homes’ style & match every room’s functionality.

As a customer you get to choose from a staggering range, handpicked from the latest and most sought after collection. Every piece portrays contemporary design and is made with best available fabrics. Hence you can be rest assured that your interiors will be tastefully curated through incredible curtain styling to reflect your unique lifestyle. 

Curtain Styling Trends for this Season

- Light fabrics with made to measure treatment to make you relax and unwind.

- Flowery or Leafy designs custom made to redefine the layout of your room while using a cool, traditional colour palette.

- Subtle hues of navy and red, combined with masculine stripes and the classic look of grass cloth made for a comforting experience.

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