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Clocks & Artefacts

Clocks & Artefacts


At Darpan you get a choice of contemporary and traditionally finished clocks. Shaped creatively and designed with outmost profess these time pieces have the potential to enliven your home instantaneously.

What's more exciting about these fresh looking clocks is that they come in a multitude of colors and hold a complex polychrome finish. Which means the color and shine doesn’t wear off over time. Moreover this sort of finish allows easy maintenance as they can be cleaned easily. Each piece is a unique & one of a kind, as the finish and shape for each would hold a special conceptual significance.



If you wish to add a touch of grandeur to your home, Artefacts are the perfect solution for you. Darpan Furnishings showcases one of the most sort after Artefacts collection specially handpicked by our Décor experts. These contemporary yet classical art pieces are the finest there are in terms of their design, craftsmanship and finishing.

The beauty of unique artefacts is that, they are bound to enrich people's lives and hopefully with time and familiarity become a cherished family possession. These then become a much valued possession not because of their materialistic value but because of their emotional value. Later they can be passed through to the generations to come.

Browse through the Artefacts collection at our Banjara Hills store and feel inspired to live graciously. Choose them for Gifting or for adorning your own space… The best part is, when you shop at Darpan Furnishings, you will get the expert advice of a professional interior designer about which Artefacts best suits your home.

Types of Clocks & Artefacts

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